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You are an economist employed as an industry analyst for NOVA Securities, L.L.P., an investment firm structured as a partnership.

This is major research paper and the scenario which is the guide to your assignment. Read it carefully and follow it closely. Most elements are contained in the scenario. Here are some additional instructions:
1. You are to choose one industry for your analysis.
2. Your report can include any information you deem relevant but should focus on the effects on the industry from the pandemic and also from subsequent government action.
3. You must use the tools such as supply and demand, marginal analysis and cost and benefits to analyze decisions made by households and businesses that has been developed throughout the class ECO 202 but be selective—only use the ones that are relevant to your analysis.
4. Analysis is the most important part of this assignment. This is what your assessment will be based on.
Good writing structure—especially subheadings—and proper citation methodology are MANDATORY.

You are an economist employed as an industry analyst for NOVA Securities, L.L.P., an investment firm structured as a partnership. Your job is to analyze one specific industry and write a report which then can be used by the firm’s Executive Committee to decide where to steer clients’ investments. Your job is not to try to win the partners on the Executive Committee over to your industry or to market it in any way. Your function is to provide objective, detailed, and accurate analysis covering the critical factors that are relevant to an appraisal of the industry. The Partners expect pertinent information apprising them of where the industry was (snapshot, pre-pandemic), where it is (the heart of the analysis), and where it’s going (informed predictions) .
The Partnership is small relative to giants like Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley. The firm’s resources are limited and can’t support original quantitative and qualitative positive analysis. Therefore, you are expected to rely on the comprehensive research of others; as long as it’s precise, objective, and reliable work, conducted by highly regarded analysts at reputable institutions. The Partners have confidence in organizations such as universities, non-profit think tanks, business-analysis consultancies, trade associations, the Federal Reserve Bank, government research agencies such as those that reside in the Commerce and Treasury Departments, non-partisan Congressional bodies like the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), etc. You are instructed to rely on these kinds of resources: reports, papers, published articles, research summaries from websites, analytical blogs, podcasts, interviews with industry executives, government data, and any other outlets for solid, relevant information. You are aware that analysts have been dismissed for relying on popular media and shortcut websites like EconomicsHelp, Investopidia, and their close cousins.
The Partners have no patience for long-winded reports that are bloated with extraneous, off- topic information. They expect reports that are concise, disciplined, and focused. They also have no tolerance for writing which is sloppy, illogical in structure, and hard to follow. In addition, as they read reports, they want to know where your information came from. Most partners went to elite colleges and universities where proper citation methodology was mandatory with stringent penalties for violations.





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