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Why We Care About Whales

Analyze “Why We Care About Whales” in terms of its argument. 


How effective are the writer’s use and presentation of ethos, pathos, and/or logos? 

Do they use all three to build their argument, or just one? 

By the end of the piece, how does the reader feel about the subject based on the information provided?


1. Is free of typo and grammatical errors.
2.Properly introduces the text you’ll be discussing to your reader.
3.Includes text-based evidence from your reading to support your claim.
4.Properly cites the text-based evidence so your reader knows what page, story, or essay the quote is from.
5.Incorporates the Invisible “I” Method. Does not directly address the reader as “you.
6.”Is formatted MLA style.Is no less than 750 words



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