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Unit 13 Signature Assignment: Intersectionality Research.

Unit 13 Signature Assignment: Intersectionality Research.

The purpose of this assignment is to provide the student with an opportunity to demonstrate and integrate knowledge of a special topic in the area of intersectionality for a specific group, and the impact on identity and issues of adaptation.

In the final assignment for this class, you will examine scholarly literature relevant to a social group with at least 2 intersecting, nondominant identities. For instance, you may choose to examine literature relevant to gay men who are also people of color, or Muslim Americans who are also women. Or, you may also choose to examine international populations, such as the experiences of Somali child refugees in Europe.

Remember: each of the two intersecting identities must be a part of the nondominant social category.

Your paper should include a minimum of 10 scholarly, academic articles that are relevant to the population that you have selected to study. Through citations, use the selected articles to further support your ideas and conclusions. If relevant, you may use the same academic articles utilized in previous course assignments.

Your paper should include the follow sections:


Papers will follow current APA guidelines in terms of type, margins, and citations.

A minimum of ten scholarly, academic references will be acceptable for this assignment. Consider sources from peer-reviewed professional journals and also use the TCSPP Library database. You may also use books/book chapters written by experts in the field. Research journal articles, may include qualitative or quantitative research.

The final body of this paper will be a minimum of 7 pages. This number does not include reference or title pages.

The paper should cover the following areas:

Introduction (thesis sentence, general topic and brief overview of the literature) – pinpoint the population or intersectional identity you are exploring. Introduce the selected topic (what it is, why does it matter, briefly describe the population you selected, naming the intersections of cultural identity with this population.

Findings (what did you find out about the population you chose)

Students will research and select one specific area on issues around intersectional identity. Ten different scholarly sources (peer-reviewed articles, books, and other literature by experts in the field), must be used to offer different perspectives and research in the chosen area.

Students will critique the research and theory. What are the major findings? In addition to summarize the finding and conclusions of all the research articles – also compare and contrast findings from different sources.

Conclusions and Summary (Summarize your conclusions related to the central question and suggest implications for future theory and research).

Provide a closing summary of findings and professional opinion of the subject area. You may propose suggestions for future research and practice.

On a broader scale, relating to your main theme, tell your reader what you conclude and why. Reiterate your main claims and outline the evidence that supports them. Conclusion- What future studies are implied by your analysis? How would such studies add to current knowledge of the topic?

APA style is required for all written assignments submitted in this course. You may use APA editorial style for reflective writing assignments.

Unit 13 Signature Assignment: Intersectionality Research.




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