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toastmasterstool box using python or java.

toastmasterstool box using python or java.


 Toastmaster Toolbox You are tasked with designing, documenting, and implementing a Toastmasters Toolbox  system. This system is intended to aid a presenter during a Toastmasters speech. The core features that are required of this system are described below. You are responsible for the  details of the system.

 Core Features:

 Facial Expression Analysis • The system SHALL provide a mirror display to the presenter utilizing a webcam.  • The system SHALL analyze the presenter’s facial expressions and provide  feedback and cues based on the perceived mood of the presenter.

 Speech Disfluency Feedback • The system SHALL provide a means for a designated “Ah-Counter” (or “AhCounters”) to indicate when a speech disfluency (ah, um, etc.) was spoken by the  presenter.  • The presenter SHALL receive this feedback in real time via a visual cue and audio  cue on a presenter display. • The “Ah Counter” SHALL use a separate networked PC from the presenter.

 Timing Cue • The system SHALL provide timing cues to the presenter indicating how much time  remains in the allotted speaking time. • The system SHALL provide warnings when reaching the end of the allotted time.  • The system SHALL support user configurable speaking times and thresholds for  warning via the GUI.

 Reporting • The system SHALL display a report to the presenter at the end of the speech. • The report SHALL be able to be saved to a file and viewed later. 

Additional Features

Grammar Analysis – This feature will analyze the user’s usage of vocabulary and grammar principles and offer suggestions.

– Speech Upload – A prewritten speech will be uploaded in the system. Then the user can see the speech and read it.

– Reminders – The presenter can the event details and the system can remind him of the event

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