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The importance of teamwork.

The importance of teamwork. 

Write a 2-3 page paper on the importance of teamwork. Read some of the patient stories in the provided link (http://healthcare.utah.edu/patient-stories/) and conceptualize your dream team in helping one of the patients. 

Who is all needed in order to provide top quality care and a comprehensive lifelong treatment plan?

Your paper should: 

1) Summarize a scholarly article related to how team work or team communications affect patient outcomes. Summarize the study or the main points of the article. 

What were the results of the study? Analyze the article with your personal perspectives.

2) Present your healthcare Dream Team for one of the case studies in the University of Utah link. Summarize the patient case study you are designing your dream team for. 

Who is on your team and why? 

What can they offer your patient? 

How will your Dream Team communicate and work together? 

What makes a great team? 

Why are teams important?

Videos on teamwork in healthcare:




The importance of teamwork. 



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