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The characteristics of a well-designed web site.

The characteristics of a well-designed web site.

Essay Topic

For this project, you will write a position paper about the characteristics of a well-designed web site. Be sure to include the elements of design that should be present, including descriptions or examples of the elements, as well as considerations such as ADA requirements, usability and RWD. Be sure to identify what, at least in your opinion, makes up good design and what attracts users to a site.

You may use the textbook or any/all of the following links as well as any other credible sources that you may find.

Here are some links for ideas provided for your consideration. These site are presented in no particular order and the content is not endorsed by your instructor, rather they are a series of opinions about good design techniques.


Develop a well-written essay that addresses the ideas laid out in this document.

The essay shall be written in standard academic form using the APA style manual for all references.

The paper shall be a minimum of two pages in length.




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