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Single Linear Regression: Data Set: job-performance

Single Linear Regression: Data Set: job-performance


A chief executive officer of a software company believed there was a positive relationship between motivation and job performance. She wished to develop an equation that would permit the prediction of job performance based upon a person’s motivation. The chief executive officer had access to a random sample that consisted of 60 cases. She asked you to assist her in this task Can you do the analysis for her? Write the regression equation and use it to predict the job satisfaction of Mandy (Case 23) who was her secretary.

Research Question: Can job performance be predicted by motivation?

Answer the following questions and explain

Are the assumptions met?

Assumption of Linearity

Assumption of Normality

Assumption of Outliers

Is the Single Linear Regression test significant?

What is the effect size?

Is the effect size small, medium, or large?

How much of the variation in job performance can be explained by motivation?

Interpret the test.

What is the regression equation for this administration of the single linear regression test?

What level of job performance would be predicted by the motivation of Mandy the Chief Executive Officer’s secretary. (Case 23)?

Provide Results for the test.

Create a Table to display the results.


Single Linear Regression: Data Set: job-performance




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