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Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the workplace

Sexual Orientation Discrimination in the workplace.

The purposes of this assignment are:
● To gain a basic understanding of a current labor issue
● To practice finding and evaluating journalistic sources
● To begin distinguishing between journalistic and scholarly sources
● To connect your learning in this class to your experiences outside the classroom
● To investigate a labor issue that has personal relevance or interest for you

You will choose one current (within the past two years) work/labor issue of interest to you, and locate three news articles from reliable sources that discuss this issue. Then, you will write a brief essay explaining the relevance of this issue to your own life, and what you learn about the movement from reading journalistic sources.

Your essay should meet the following criteria:
● Provides a brief (no more than half page) description of the issue.
● Describes, in about one page, what we learn about the issue from reading your news articles.
● Analyzes connections between course material and your personal experience (about one page each).
○ Provide an in-depth explanation of how this issue is relevant to your own life, explicitly using one or more concepts from our class.
● Follows conventions of formal academic writing in English.
● Follows basic essay structure (introduction, thesis statement, roadmap, topic sentences, conclusion, etc.).
● Carefully proofread for spelling, punctuation, grammar, and other mechanical errors.
● Minimum of 1500 words
● Formatted according to the guidelines in the syllabus.
● Proper APA-style in-text citations and references list in format. Citations do not count toward paper length requirements.
● Uses a minimum of three news articles from reliable, credible sources.
○ See the Media Bias Chart for one way to identify reliable news sources. Please do not use sites below the middle horizontal line (32.00 on the y-axis).




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