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Red Team Penetration Test

Red Team Penetration Test –

Before you begin: Read the Project #1 description (attached to the Project #1a assignment folder) paying special attention to the Red Team’s report.

For this week’s discussion our focus will be upon developing a brief (1-2 page) forensics data collection plan to be used during a Red Team exercise. Your plan will be used as part of training exercise for incident response personnel to help them learn to identify and collect evidence.

Your first task is to analyze the Red Team’s report to determine what they attacked or what attack vectors were used. Next, analyze the environment to determine what types of forensic evidence should be collected after the attack(s) and where that evidence can be collected from. You should consider both volatile sources such as and static sources such as disk drives, thumb drives (USB storage devices), etc. After you have identified the types of evidence and the devices from which evidence should be collected, document that in your short paper (the “plan”).

At a minimum your plan must document evidence collection for three specific attack vectors or vulnerabilities that were exploited by the Red Team as part of its penetration testing. For each vector or vulnerability, document what type of evidence could be collected and where the evidence should be collected from.


Red Team Penetration Test.


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