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PRE-tax NI Walk: Plan to Actual.

PRE-tax NI Walk: Plan to Actual.

5 Key Learnings from Quarter (120 word min)
1.What are the top five key learnings you acquired this quarter?

PRE-tax NI Walk: Plan to Actual (120 word min)
2. using the “pre-tax NI Walk: Plan to actual” chart, discuss the key drivers behind the price, volume, cost, and /or productivity

Cash Flow Work for this Quarter (120 word min)
3. What decisions did you make this quarter that affected you cash flow, and how did those decisions impact cash (positively or negatively)?

3 Toughest Decisions Made and Why (120 word min)
4. What are the three most difficult decisions you had to make this quarter, and why were they difficult?

Competitor Analysis (120 word min)
5. How did the decision of your competitors (redex and matek) affect the results? What do you believe to be the strategy of your competitiors, and will you have to adjust your decisions based on what you think they will do?

Use of Role Play for Information and Negotiation (120 word min)
6. how effectively do you feel you used your role play calls? What information or negotiations were you able to gain? How will your calls this past quarter impact your decisions next quarter?

Are we on track to meet Annual Net Income Commitment? Provide explanation (120 word min)
7. Are you on track to meet or exceed our annual net income commitment? Why or why not

Is your Original Strategy Working as you Planned? (120 word min)
8. Based on your original strategy,how well did your decisions support that strategy? Were there any constraints that prevented you from following your strategy?




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