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MKTG3436: Advertising and Promotions: Advertising Laws and Regulations in France.

MKTG3436: Advertising and Promotions: Advertising Laws and Regulations in France.

Section Mark Required Elements
Country overview




Briefly discuss the country you are analysing:

–          Geographic location and environment

–          Economic and political system

–          Demographics (population size, profile)

–          Culture

Judicial system  


Briefly describe the country’s judicial system with the emphasis on the business laws and regulations
Governing Bodies / Organizations  


Clearly indicate what are the laws/regulations as well as organizations (or government bodies) regulating the advertising environment in the country. In other words, indicate who are the regulators and what are their powers.
Specific Laws  


Identify and analyse specific areas of regulation in the chosen country. In other words, What are the rules:

–          are there prohibitions or regulations for advertising of specific products/ services (e.g., tobacco, alcohol, food, guns, lotteries, gambling, etc.) or to a certain population segment (e.g., minors)

–          are there any methods of advertising that are regulated (e.g., misleading advertising, false advertisings, comparative advertising, bait and switch, etc.)

–          are there regulations related to the advertising channels (e.g., are there any regulations in regards to billboards – where can they be placed, how big should they be, etc.)

–          anything else!



If possible, provide 2-3 examples of advertising lawsuits and decisions made. Make use of graphics or imagery.

For example, earlier in the 2020, Virgin Mobile faced a lawsuit because of its digital display ad “Get a Min $300 trade-in credit” due to the fact that when the consumer went to the store he/she was told it is “up to $300”. The complaint was submitted the Council and the ad was considered misleading for accuracy and clarity in addition to being in violation of Advertising Code of Canada for omitting relevant information.

(Please note that I cannot provide a link here not to impact the report on Canada)

Conclusion 0 Provide a one-two sentence conclusion. It is a good style to follow in any business report.
Appendices, References, Formatting and Presentation 1 Format:

–          12p font size Times New Roman or 10p font size Arial


Blog Length:

–          Equivalent of 3 pages maximum in Word format. Just imagine that you are the person who reads the blog – how far are you going to scroll?

–          To manage the length, use anchored texts (e.g., provide links just like I did below with APA 7th edition) and/or images





>.8- excellent; .65<.8 good; .5<.65 satisfactory; <.5 below expectation


MKTG3436: Advertising and Promotions: Advertising Laws and Regulations in France.




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