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“It a beautiful day in the neighborhood” (2019)

“It a beautiful day in the neighborhood” (2019)

Watch the film “It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood “ (2019) Tom Hanks.

The film is available on various streaming platforms.

I would recommend watching the film with a family member or significant other.

Prior to watching the film, take notes on the following:

Define empathy. You can find definitions online or in your text.

Where do you see the value of empathy in your life?
With your family?

With your friends?

With your significant other?

How would you describe a family with little or no empathy generated from parents?

During the viewing of the film take notes and and attend to the following:

With regard to the character LLoyd Vogel, which unresolved attachment conflicts from his past were attaching to current situations in his life?
What emotional and psychological shifts did Lloyd make with his own family? How did Fred Rogers influence the emotional shifts?
There’s a provocative restaurant scene in which Rogers asks LLoyd Vogel to remain silent for one minute and reflect on the people who made him who he is. Discuss (maybe with your family or significant other)
How did the film speak to you?




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