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How is the COVID-19 Pandemic a biosocial phenomenon?

Short IDs (10 points each)

Briefly define and discuss the significance of five of the following terms. Discussions of significance should relate the term to major themes of the course (3- 4 sentences each).  


biocultural model cultural relativism epidemiological triangle  natural selection 

serotype  political economy  disease of affluence  cultural authority

beneficence  cultural adaptation stigma

Essays (25 points each)

Answer two of the essays below. Each answer should be at least two paragraphs (5-7 sentences each), define the terms you use, and fully answer the question. Each essay should include specific examples to prove your point.


1.       How is the COVID-19 Pandemic a biosocial phenomenon? 


2.       Using concrete examples from The Spirit Catches You, explain which disease etiologies apply to Hmong medical beliefs.


3.       Using one example of disease (but not cholera) apply the three theoretical approaches to medical anthropology: ecological/evolutionary, critical medical anthropology, and interpretative medical anthropology. In your answer, discuss how medical anthropologists would study and explain one disease from these three different perspectives.  



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