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Do you believe that’s possible, or does one need religion to live a good and meaningful life

Do you believe that’s possible, or does one need religion to live a good and meaningful life.

What is philosophy? In the Module 1 area we learned that philosophy begins when people began to try to understand their world by the use of their reason, without appealing to myth or religion. In other words, the philosophers sought things like meaning, value, and a sense of right and wrong without appealing to God. Do you believe that’s possible, or does one need religion to live a good and meaningful life? Defend your view with reference to material in the module and your own experience. Please consult the syllabus for requirements of these discussion essays.
Essay format and how it should be written
Composition Competencies Content Accuracy/Relevance
Depth/Support Be sure information is correct and suitable for audience interest, knowledge level. Develop according to the assignment with facts, details, and examples; use layered primary and secondary support. 10
Organization Introduction and Thesis Use an introductory strategy, transitional sentence, and the thesis (a complete sentence with topic and controlling idea). 05
Body Paragraphs
Include topic sentences to express controlling ideas; develop thoroughly with primary and secondary support. 05
Conclusion Creatively summarize the essay’s purpose by restating the thesis and divisions, and create closure. 05
Coherence and Unity
Using transitions and other cohesive devices, link ideas among primary supports and arrange ideas in a logical order. Use only sentences and ideas that clearly relate to the main idea of the paragraph. 05
Voice Rhetorical Mode and
Audience The paragraph will employ a tone and level of diction appropriate for an academic audience; use respectful, balanced language; and avoid informal nonstandard English, sexist language, and bias. 05
Language Competencies Word Choice Vocabulary/Language The paragraph will use correct and precise wording, avoiding redundancy, vague language, and wrong word errors. 05
Sentence Fluency Sentence Structure/
Variety Demonstrate effective and correct sentence structure, using a variety of forms and lengths with varied openings. 05
Conventions Spelling, Capitalization,
Punctuation, Grammar, Usage Avoid misuse or omission of the apostrophe, brackets, colon, comma, dash, ellipsis, exclamation point, hyphen, parentheses, period, question mark, quotation marks, semicolon, underlining, or italics.
Avoid inappropriate verb or pronoun use, subject-verb or pronoun-antecedent disagreement, unclear pronoun reference, misplaced or dangling modifier, and inappropriate shift in tense or use of first (“I”) or second person (“you”).
The essay will follow guidelines for margins, fonts, spacing, and indenting. 05



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