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Discuss two ways you know of to maximize the value of an organization in your industry

Question One: Activity 1.1
Discuss two ways you know of to maximize the value of an organization in your industry. Give concrete examples to illustrate your points.


Question Two: Activity 1.2

Find an article of interest related to finance in or another business publication. (Nearly everything relates to finance in SOME way. Stretch your thinking to find something interesting.) In three tight paragraphs, give a brief summary of the article, explain the connection to finance, and explain how you believe the contents of this course, based on the overview provided in the first chapter of the textbook, will help illuminate the financial connections to the topic at hand. Please give the full APA reference at the bottom of your post.


Question Three: Activity 1.3

What do you see as a major problem in finance in your company or industry today? Explain in one paragraph why you think this is a problem and how it impacts the strategic planning in a company.

Question Four: Activity 2.1
The balance sheet gives a snapshot view of the organization at one moment in time. Explain in a detailed paragraph how you think risk can be assessed using information on the balance sheet.


Question Five: Activity 2.2

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a business being highly leveraged. How does financial leverage relate to risk? Discuss the ratios needed to determine leverage.


Question Six: Activity 2.3

Research the concept of the Balanced Scorecard and explain why such an approach is can be important when creating an accurate financial analysis. What is the relationship between a ratio analysis and the balanced scorecard?


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