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Define the variations of business financing.

1 Define the variations of business financing.
2. Outline the pros and cons of debt and equity financing.
3. What are sources of capital for financing.
4. Define stock and bond financial investing.
5. Why is legal structures important in business startups?
6. Why are contracts important?
7. What are the key components of commercial law?
8. How do you protect intellectual capital?
9. How do you protect tangible assets and manage risk?
1o. Why is operations significant in business startups?
11. What is a production distribution chain?
12. How are suppliers and inventory managed in business startups?
13. What are the key factors in deciding the business location?
14. Define product quality methodologies.
15. Why is technology significant in business startups?


2  pages – formatting


Answer the following questions with one reference per question.

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