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Cultural Values: Select three values from your culture and discuss these with someone of a different culture

Option 1: Paper
Select three (3) values from your culture (such as honesty, beauty, freedom, success, friendship, honor, humor, etc.) and discuss these with someone of a different culture. In your essay:
1. Describe your culture and why each value you select is important.
2. Describe the culture of the other person you interviewed.
3. Ask this person how he/she defines each of the values, and why each is important.
4. Compare and Contrast your cultural values with that of the other person
5. Do they differ from the way you define the same values?

If they differ from what you thought or from your value set, why do you think this is?
What do you think about this?
You should have an introductory paragraph, about a paragraph for each value and a conclusion paragraph summing up your thoughts.
Prepare your paper in APA format (title page, 3 pages of text, reference page)

Option 2: Cultural Adaptation in Movies
View one of the following movies. Discuss the cultural elements and issues that are present in the film.
In your essay:
1. Give a brief summary of the film and state three (3) cultural elements/issues expressed in the film (for example: race, gender, religion, class, etc.) that we have covered in the textbook.
2. Discuss the three (3) cultural elements/issues seen in the film
3. Provide a complete analysis and critique of these elements
4. Provide examples from the film and your textbook to support your points
5. Provide a concluding paragraph summing up your thoughts on the film and cultural issues/elements presented.

All papers must include references to the content of the class, using the vocabulary from the course. Full credit will not be given to those who do not connect the material to the film content. Prepare your paper in format (title page, 3 pages of text, reference page)

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