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Construct a Tesco’s UK Organizational chart

Construct a Tesco’s UK Organizational chart

Mention about reward systems, appraisal systems, training programmed

construct appraisal, reward, training forms for team and individuals, Org

Harvard referencing to be used throughout

Intro to Org

Use Kolb’s Learning Cycle in theory, applying it to Org, plus insert a picture of kolb’s in the appendix, mentioning it in theory.

mention about (brief explanation) “Active, inactive, reactive and pro-active, and which one is present in Org, explaining the advantages/disadvantages as well.

Do a “Gap Analysis” (explanation) on the Org, where they are and where they want to be.

What are the performance Objectives in relation to Org business performance

Conclusion needed

Reccommendations x 4


Bibliography (Harvard referenced)
You are recruited as an external Learning and Development Consultant by a large global
organisation [insert here either a given organisation or an organisation of your choice, students
should be encouraged to use their workplace for this assignment]. The Director of Human
Resources of this organisation requires you to produce an individual report which must address
the following question:

‘To what extent does the organisation effectively utilise learning and development to support
individuals and teams to help it to operate high-performance working (HPW) in a
high-performance culture?’

You are required to demonstrate the use of critical thinking to support a conclusion that justifies
your arguments. The report should cover the following:

An introduction to the selected organisation including comment on:
• Business performance objectives
• When it was established
• Locations
• Product and /or services
• Business structure
• Number of employees
• Values
• Culture
• Other factors you consider relevant to the report

Task 1
Firstly analyse your own ORGANISATION’S APPROACH to organisational and individual learning, training and development. (P3)

Task 2
Identify and analyse your organisations NEEDS/GAPS in relation to continuous learning, training and development to drive sustainable business performance. (P4)

Task 3
To what extent does the organisation ensure that ALL ASPECTS OF THE LEARNING CYCLE are integrated within its approaches to continuous learning, training and development to drive sustainable business performance. (M2)

Task 4
Complete a High Performance Work Practices (HPWP) AUDIT of your organisation and ASSESS the extent to which HPWP’s contribute to (1) employee engagement and commitment and (2) competitive advantage. Make recommendations for improvements in HPWP’’s within your organisation.
(P5 and D2)

Task 5
Analyse the benefits of applying HPWP’s to a SPECIFIC PROBLEM within your organisation. (M3)

Task 6
Select 3 PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT approaches and critically evaluate their application within your organisation to support a high performance culture and commitment. (P6 & M4)






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